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R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

The Research & Development Tax Credit was originally enacted as a Federal Tax Program in 1981 and was designed to encourage American investment in innovation. In 2004, tax regulation changes significantly expanded this credit opportunity which is available to many small and medium sized companies whose activities include design, manufacturing and process improvements. Companies that qualify for this program get significant tax credits based on activities related with developing or improving a product and/or process.

Our team of highly qualified professionals which includes IP attorneys with engineering backgrounds, adheres to the Comprehensive Project by Project Approach methodology required by the IRS. By following this methodology, we qualify every applicable employee, activity, hour spent and corresponding wage paid in order to maximize the incentive for your company. We strictly adhere to the applicable sections of the code and provide comprehensive documentation to substantiate our findings. Simply visit to learn mor e and take advantage of it from within the site

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