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Our fintech partner's software integrates seamlessly with your systems to automate the payables and invoicing process. Improve efficiency, improving cash flow position, and earning cash rebates monthly. Users can experience a drastic reduction in AP costs and an increase in AP productivity by 150%

Not at all. All audits are conducted off-site with minimal lift on your part. The experts begin by working backwards several years to identify overcharges and secure refunds. 

The best part is we can qualify your business for any or all categories on a single call.

Yes, in many cases by up to 40% and with a very quick turnaround. 

The average user of our shipping solution realize a 20-25% reduction in shipping spend. Enjoy the best rates across all carriers while your customers enjoy faster delivery times.

Everything. Our tax management system can search all federal, state, and local credits/incentives you may qualify for. You may also be able to lower your property tax burden. All activity to take advantage of these incentivestakes place within the platform. It is your one stop shop for tax incentives.

Our tax management system can be utilized by your CPA. We have a team of specialized tax attorneys that operate the site and are very skilled in identifying credits your CPA may not be aware of. It is not meant to replace your CPA. It is a valuable tool that they can use.

That is a very real possibility. The fact is third parties generally underpay. Our expert's proprietary software searches your last 12 months of third party payments and recover underpayments with a 100% success rate. While 22% is the average increase in revenue, the lowest to date is a 10% recovery and the larger recovery has been a staggering $330 million!

The answer is absolutely. While there is a trade secret involving how it's done individual members who enroll only pay the monthly subscription price of $21.99. They then get access to any of the 605 covered medications at no additional cost. All that is required to learn about the platform and enroll is to visit

Not at all. This is a simple solution to implement at no cost to the business and with no impact on how you process your payroll. All advances are funded and settled with the employee. They can also elect, for a monthly fee if under $7, to receive weekly deposits rather than wait on a bi-weekly check

This isn't a question, but something we hear a lot. We are respectful of our clients' time and only work with proven providers that can accomplish implementation with very little time commitment from the business. Sometimes it's as simple as a file transfer to get a process started.

The process is as simple as completing the contact form on our website. Leave as much detail as you can and we will contact you to ASAP

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