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Parcel Shipping Bills

Parcel Shipping Bills

Mistakes made by your parcel carriers are dollars lost from your bottom line. But the true mistake is in thinking those dollars are lost forever. With our proven parcel auditing and intelligence technology, we can offer you a no-risk, high reward opportunity to recover these dollars. We help audit and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities to tap into your savings based on unfulfilled parcel company promises

And then we help prevent them from happening again. Through parcel auditing, intelligence, and engineering, we enable you to recover the money you’re owed and give you valuable data to streamline your shipping processes, engage in smarter parcel contract negotiations, and reduce shipping costs even more. Data-driven decisions save you money and assist in parcel contract negotiations. Our parcel auditing technology gives you the additional advantage of auditing shipping spend levels along with UPS bench-marking, FedEx bench-marking and parcel contract negotiations.

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