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Utilities Effect on Your Bottom Line

Utilities Effect on Your Bottom Line

Author: Kevin Reed 8/2/22

If you are a mid to large size business chances are you are paying more for your utilities than you need to. For larger businesses or businesses with multiple locations utility spend can be in the tens of thousands on a monthly basis. With the current state of our economy people aren't spending as much for goods and services so as a business you have to find ways to reduce expenses. Even in a booming economy you want to maximize your profits. No one wants to spend more than they have to. 

Luckily the Reed Advisory Group can provide your business with utility auditing services. With one month's utility bills across several utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, waste, and all telecom) our expert partners will dive into your accounts, working backwards first (sometimes up to a couple years) to secure refunds or credits. They then move forward to ensure ongoing savings. 

This is not benchmarking my friends. These experts have decades of experience looking into fine details of contracts/agreements and finding billing errors, overcharges, tarriffs, etc. Why pour time, effort and payroll into doing this yourself when they have the knowledge and resources to do it quickly and efficiently? In fact the first rebates can often be seen in a matter of weeks. This is an off-site audit that doesn't disrupt your service and requires very little of your time.

Even if you feel there are no savings to be found in these categories it's worth a look. There is no risk at all since no savings recovered + no fee. Rest assured though, our experts produce savings in a very large majority of their audits.

The choice is yours: Continue to dish out what the utility companies tell you to or pair up with a trusted advisor with your best interests in mind, not the utility companies.

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