Helping Medical Facilities Increase Revenue by Addressing Medical Underpayments

Helping Medical Facilities Increase Revenue by Addressing Medical Underpayments

No doubt you’re at least somewhat familiar with the medical billing industry - or, at the very least, the fact that it exists.

On an ever-increasing basis over the past few decades, medical billing has become a more and more critical focus for all medical facilities and practitioners relative to the revenue they need to maintain profitable practices. The importance of this focus was compounded exponentially with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, which, since its inception, has proven financially devastating for the American medical delivery system (primary care offices and hospitals in particular). A byproduct of this unfortunate reality is that every penny owed to a medical practice is desperately needed, not to maintain massive profits. Instead, every penny is necessary to keep the lights on.

This is where our new offering comes in. What we are doing is going after medical underpayments. Both internal (employed) and external (third party) medical billing experts focus aggressively on billing batches, their submissions, and chasing the same. Getting these massive and crafty insurers to pay anything is a victory, which is where the billing experts focus. Accordingly, as they get the insurer to pay something and experience a low percentage of denials, they count the batch as a victory and move to the next, with a substantial number of write-offs.

This is where we come in. 100% of the time and within EVERY batch submitted by EVERY medical practice and billing expert in the country, there exist errors (underpayments) and substantial errors. Our proprietary software does what no other system, company, or human can do. We can execute this previously impossible task because we have reviewed and embedded virtually ALL contract methodologies, types, billing, and payment systems, along with associated tracking, into our software which allows us to analyze all aspects of their financial circumstances in a matter of seconds. These findings regularly range between 10 and 29% of gross receipts (yes - that much). But that’s not all - our software also provides the data needed to revolutionize how every participating medical practice (and their associated biller) submit their batches, manage their contracts, execute their services, and so very much more, all of which massively increases the cash flow of all participating practices. Contact Reed Advisory Group to learn more about the most innovative solution ever seen in the medical billing process.

We are constantly adding value to the services we offer to become your trusted partner in expense reduction and increasing revenue. When we say "Your bottom line is our top priority" it's not just a tag line. It's our mission.

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